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"God Is..." Preached on July 20, 2008. Enjoy!


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My name is Kris Salvador and I am currently working on a chrisitan teen series. I have never been all that excited about anything i have ever done but i really think this series is great and entertaining but also has good christian morals. I'm trying to get a lot of people to read it...i am still adding more to it.
Please read it- go to faithwriters.com and look me up -go to author's last name and type in Salvador. My fullname on there is Kris Toni Salvador -click on my name and there is my series.
The updates are on the teenagers' sophomore year 2005-2006 right now but litle things from their senior year which just ended are also on there like a few poems and prayers by some of the characters. The series and called Dandy and Delirious. Message me if you have any questions.
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Last week, I experienced the fulfillment of a dream I have had for over 20 years: I am now officially a licenced and ordained minister! So if you need anyone to perform a wedding, baptism or funeral, I'm legal :-)

Seriously, though, this is one of the greatest honors of my life, and one that I take very, very seriously. I have felt the calling on my life for a long time, but when I tried to pursue it before, the door closed. In hindsight, it was just as well because I wasn't ready. If I had managed to go into ministry back then, I would have fallen flat on my face. After a great deal of struggle, I put it to rest, deciding that I would be content to serve God as a layman. I told Him that if He wanted me in the ministry, He would have to be the One who brought it up. For several years, that was how things went. But then...

Things seemed to happen one after the other to show me that God was taking my life in a new direction. He opened up many new relationships, especially with my pastors, Larry and Diane Keith, and new opportunities, such as teaching classes for the Bible Training Center at church. Over time, I would hear things through prophetic words, as well as personal conversations that confirmed things verbatim that I had prayed about for years. When Pastor Keith made the offer for me to be ordained, I had peace in my heart that the time was right.

The initial service took place at Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan (http://www.woficc.com/). That place is amazing! It says a lot for the church when you can walk into a place filled with people you've never met, and to immediately feel you are with family. The worship was awesome! It was their annual convention and they had a number of prominant speakers including John Hagee, Joyce Meyer and the Copelands. The ordination was on Thurday night, presided over by Bishop Keith Butler, the church's senior pastor and overseeing bishop over the network of churches which my home church is affiliated with. There must have been 50-100 people ordained from churches all over the world. In last Sunday morning's service, Pastor Keith performed a "miniature" version of the ordination for our home church as well. It was a remarkable experience.

I'm so excited to be serving in this capacity, but I know full well that I have accepted an enormous responsibility. To step into ministry is to step onto very holy ground. Prayers are greatly appreciated, and I'll keep you posted!

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 Hey all!
Well for a while I've been working on writing a book of christian poetry. I am SO beyond excited to say that it is finally ready to be purchased as a paperback book! It's for sale now online if you wish to buy a copy.


All money from the sale of my book will go to TWLOHA[ www.twloha.com), an organisation which is a big part of my life.

I am asking for £7.50 per book (the book is around 80 pages). If you cannot afford this, please just make any small donation. All money from the sale of my book will go to TWLOHA [www.twloha.com), an organisation which is a big part of my life. As most of you will know, earlier this year (in March), I was extremely privileged to be accepted to do an internship with an organisation very close to my heart. The name of this organisation is TWLOHA. This is an acronym for ‘’to write love on her arms.’’ "TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery."

Many thanks,
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I am happy to announce that James and Dave's Bible Page now features MP3 audio teaching! They are mostly the messages I taught at the Bible Training Center last fall, and can be found at http://www.james-dave.com/audio

Please check them out and help us spread the word!

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As some of you may know, Sandi and I lost our unborn baby daughter, Bella, to a rare chromasomal disorder called Patau Syndrome, or trisomy 13. This past December, we found out that we were expecting again a year to the day that we found out she was pregnant with Bella. For obvious reasons, I don't believe this was a coincidence.

Last week, we went for the baby's Nuchal Fold test, which screens for chromasome-related defects. This was the test that first revealed that there were problems with Bella. Going into that lab was a really surreal experience, as the last time I was there was the time they told us that Bella had no heartbeat.

The good news is that this time, everything was exacty as it was supposed to be! The fluid sac on the back of the neck (which is the focus of the test) was around 1.4 cm (Bella's was over 4). The baby is currently about two inches long, and the heartbeat is around 166 beats per minute, all well within the normal range.

On a lighter note, the tech asked us which one of us the baby looked like, and Sandi replied "It doesnt have any hair, so it looks like him" :-)

For those of you who are so inclined, continued prayers are greatly appreciated. I'll keep you posted!

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Hello! I wanted to introduce myself as the author of Charyli. I am interested in what other christian authors are writing. I am a christian fantasy author. I mainly write about the demon warfare going on. Except, the things that suck is that I don't write normal Christian literature, but I don't write normal fantasy. It is hard trying to fit in.

Well, I will begin that Charyli is not one person. Charyli is a world, consisting of seven islands hovering on the edge of the galaxy. You can learn more about the origin of Charyli in my previous post. (each island stands for a virtue. a tribe, the seven sins, dwell on the islands as well.)

Charyli 27 is a means of communication between the Charyllyns. Thus, several Charyllyns use this name. I will ask them to introduce themselves briefly.

 Um, Hi. My name is Jessie. i was once human, but through a longing for death, I was taken to Charyli by a fighter. see, when one longs for death, they see a fighter in the image of one's own fear. I saw Roxy as a black man slicing his wrists, which was a union of my lost love and my fear of his death and mine. I traded bodies with Roxy, a charyllyn fighter. I now exist in his Charyllyn flesh, which is strange, because i was a woman, and am now a man. it is also strange, because i can't express emotion like i used to. that is why i appreciate this.

 I'm Roxy, the first fighter of Charyli. the way my order goes, is that a fighter moves up in line the more souls they save. to save a soul, we have to trade bodies with them. in their flesh, we fight their demons. in our flesh, they train to be stronger to fight their own demons once they return, by using the third eye. the third eye is where they express emotions. so in their flesh, they won't be lured by passions. Currently, I am in Jessie's body, discussing Charyli's lessons to other humans. it is strange though, because i do enjoy the freedom to express emotions and passions in a human body.


I am Roxy's father. My son will be the Sultan of Charyli! My son will lift our family higher!

My name is Eva. I have been searching for my lover, for a long time. He left me, went to Earth, and possessed another female's body, named Jessie. created Ginger. Father Rose sent me to Charyli to find her. Now I am bound in a Man's temple, named Billy.



I am the second Fighter of Charyli, Baji. My duties are to prepare the new human souls in Charyli. Jessie is different, however. She is tied to her demon Ginger, through Memory. Deja vu, the librian of memories, has been communicating to Roxy down on Earth. I am not sure of his motives. However, I will move forth as Charyli wills me so. nice to meet you all!

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This photo pretty well says it all...

Last Friday night, I was just sitting around watching TV. Sandi casually got up to go to the bathroom, then suddenly said "James, could you come in here?" When I got there, she said "Do you see what I see?" Sure enough, there was the big blue "plus" sign! After two more trips to the store to get other tests, the positive was confirmed six times, then "officially" by her doctor today!

What is eve more remarkable is that, after our most recent unsuccessful attempt, she had stopped taking her fertility medicine. Her doctors had said that conception would be next to impossible without them, especially at her age. Of course, God obviously has other plans! Plus, it was exactly a year to the date that we found out that she was pregnant with Bella.

Thanks so much to all who prayed, and please keep it up!

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It has been interesting to see all of the hoopla following "comedian" Kathy Griffin's now famous Emmy speech, in which she stated that "A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. This award is my God now!"

So what do I think about it? Not much.

Don't misunderstand me: I am as outraged as anyone whenever I see Jesus defamed, and I believe the outcry from the Christian community stems from very noble motives. But I also recognize that it is giving her exactly what she wants: publicity.

We shouldn't be so surprised when sinners act like sinners. A child of the devil will do the lusts of his/her father (John 8:44). By drawing unwarranted attention to Ms. Griffin's actions, we are playing right into her hands.

Ms. Griffin, in the most minuscule chance that you might someday read this, the Jesus you mock still loves you. What not lay aside your prejudices and examine His claims for yourself? You might be surprised!

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The sudden passing of the Rev. Jerry Falwell last May left little room for equivocation regarding the Moral Majority founder‘s place in history. To his supporters, Falwell was a fearless visionary who helped a nation chart its moral course. To his critics, he was a loose cannon who often used sensationalist and mercenary tactics to score political favor. Ultimately, there is a degree of truth in both characterizations.

Those who knew Falwell personally, both friends and enemies, describe him as a thoughtful, generous man with a disarming sense of humor. Even arch pornographer Larry Flynt, who crossed swords with Falwell many times, said that “My mother always told me that no matter how much you dislike a person, when you meet them face to face you will find characteristics about them that you like. Jerry Falwell was a perfect example of that. I hated everything he stood for, but after meeting him in person, (he) and I became good friends.”

Falwell’s rise to power is a fascinating study in the shifting paradigms of twentieth century politics. The year was 1980, and the administration of incumbent Democratic President Jimmy Carter was coming apart at the seams. A horrendous economy, soaring gas prices and American hostages in Iran left Americans loudly crying out for change. In addition, many conservative Christian voters who actively supported Carter (a devout Southern Baptist) felt very betrayed when the President’s liberal leanings began to show. Enter Jerry Falwell.

On the Republican side, Ronald Reagan was preaching a revival of Barry Goldwater inspired conservativism. Although Goldwater’s far-right crusade had failed miserably sixteen years earlier, Reagan mixed it with a warm optimism and a Christian-based social conscience on issues such as abortion and school prayer. With Falwell’s help, Reagan rallied the disenfranchised faithful, crushed Carter and became one of the most influential presidents of modern times. For better or worse, the new alliance between Evangelical Christians and the Republican Party was set.

Obviously, we cannot view these sort of events uncritically. Did the Republican Party suddenly undergo a religious revival in 1980? We may hope so, but remember, we are talking about politicians here. It is also noteworthy that Barry Goldwater himself was never comfortable with this new partnership, famously stating that “Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the a**”.

Consequentially, some have questioned the validity of Falwell’s activism on legal grounds. Did the Reverend promote an illegitimate union between Church and State? I would answer a qualified no. Contrary to what some may claim, being a member of the clergy does not take away a person’s free speech rights. The law only prohibits ministers from endorsing candidates from the pulpit or from using church funds to support political campaigns. On their “own time,” they are perfectly free to speak at rallies, knock on doors and support their candidates of choice in whatever way the see fit.

At the same time, while Falwell’s right-wing crusades may have been legal, the question remains, were they wise? Although people of faith certainly have vital roles to play in the public arena, was all of the “Wrap the Flag Around the Cross” bravado really the best way to get the point across? The fruits of these efforts, at best, were mixed. Conservative pundit Cal Thomas, a former associate of Falwell’s, rightly points out that:

“The flaw in the movement was the perception that the church had become an appendage to the Republican Party and one more special interest group to be pampered. If one examines the results of the Moral Majority's agenda, little was accomplished in the political arena and much was lost in the spiritual realm, as many came to believe that to be a Christian meant you also must be ‘converted’ to the Republican Party and adopt the GOP agenda and its tactics.”

Nonetheless, the many positives of Falwell’s legacy will live on through his family, through the great church and university he founded, and through the lives of the countless faithful whom he inspired to make a difference in a dark world. Whether we agree with all of his methods or not, those are achievements that can all respect and learn from.

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